Expanded Review of Ancestral Hunting School Flagship Hunt – November 2023, Lusk, Wyoming

About the Hunt and Course

The journey began with a simple Google search, a curious inquiry into hunting adventures, which led me to the Ancestral Hunting School. Initially, my knowledge of the school and its founders was limited to phone calls and online interactions. Yet, in those early conversations, I sensed a depth of knowledge and a passion for the hunt that resonated with me. Committing to their flagship whitetail hunt in Lusk, Wyoming, was a leap of faith—one that promised an adventure into the wild and an exploration of the age-old art of hunting.

Preparation for the Ancestral Hunting Experience

The preparation phase with the Ancestral Hunting School was akin to enrolling in a university of the wild. Monthly team meetings became a forum for learning and discussion, creating a foundation not just for the hunt but for a deeper understanding of what it means to be an ethical hunter. The curriculum was vast and varied, covering the nuances of hunting techniques, gear selection, and environmental stewardship.

Ken, our guide and mentor, was a remarkable source of wisdom. His experience was evident in every answer he provided, every story he shared. The training wasn’t just about the hunt; it was a holistic education in wildlife ecology, conservation, and the respectful pursuit of game. This comprehensive approach meant that by the time we arrived in Wyoming, we were not just hunters; we were custodians of a tradition.

The Hunt

The Lusk, Wyoming ranch was a realm of untamed beauty, a perfect setting for our expedition. The landscape was a vibrant ecosystem, a testament to the richness of the American wilderness. Here, the whitetail deer roamed, an embodiment of the grace and resilience of nature.

The culinary experience was a revelation. Meals crafted by a professional chef provided comfort and sustenance, transforming the rustic setting into a haven of gastronomic delight. This attention to detail extended to game processing, where we were guided through the respectful and efficient handling of our harvest.

The success rate of our group was impressive, with three out of five hunters successfully harvesting a deer. This success was a direct result of the meticulous preparation and the skilled guidance provided by the Ancestral Hunting School team.

Perhaps most striking was the presence of an expert in basic medicine and natural remedies. This expertise not only ensured our physical well-being but also connected us to the ancestral roots of hunting and survival in the wild. It was an education in the forgotten arts of nature, a valuable skill set in any outdoor adventure.

The camaraderie that developed amongst us was powerful. Shared experiences in the wild have a way of forging bonds that are hard to replicate in everyday life. The staff and fellow hunters became more than just acquaintances; they became allies in an adventure, partners in a journey that extended beyond the hunt.

Is it worth it?

In summary, the Ancestral Hunting School Flagship Hunt in Lusk, Wyoming, was more than I could have ever anticipated. It was an immersive journey into the heart of hunting, a blend of skill, tradition, and respect for nature. The comprehensive training, the majestic setting, the camaraderie, and the professional support made this experience a benchmark for

what a hunting expedition should be. The school’s commitment to ethical practices, combined with their deep respect for wildlife and the environment, sets a standard in the hunting community.

The transformation from a curious enthusiast to a knowledgeable, responsible hunter was profound. The skills and insights gained during this experience have enriched my understanding of wildlife, conservation, and the delicate balance that exists in nature. The hunting techniques and strategies taught were not just about the act of hunting; they were lessons in patience, respect, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

The evenings at the ranch were a time for reflection and camaraderie. Gathered around the warmth of a campfire, sharing stories and experiences, there was a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. It was these moments of quiet camaraderie, under the vast Wyoming sky, that often left the deepest impression.

The expert in basic medicine and natural remedies, a unique addition to our team, offered insights into the healing powers of nature. This knowledge, often overlooked in modern hunting expeditions, was a reminder of the ancestral ways and the wisdom that nature holds. It added an extra layer of depth to our experience, bridging the gap between the ancient and the modern.

The conclusion of the hunt was bittersweet. While it was sad to leave the beauty of the Wyoming wilderness and the company of newfound friends, the experience left me with a wealth of knowledge, memories, and a renewed appreciation for the art of hunting. The Ancestral Hunting School Flagship Hunt was not just a journey in pursuit of game; it was an educational odyssey, a rite of passage into the heart of ethical and respectful hunting.

Would I recommend the Ancestral Hunting School Flagship Hunt? Without a doubt. For anyone seeking not just a hunt, but an education in the deeper, more meaningful aspects of hunting and wilderness survival, this experience is unparalleled. The team’s dedication to their craft, their respect for nature, and their commitment to educating responsible hunters are commendable.

In conclusion, the Ancestral Hunting School Flagship Hunt in Lusk, Wyoming, is an experience I will always cherish. It was a journey that went far beyond the hunt, touching on the essence of what it means to be a true steward of the wild. For those ready to embark on a hunting adventure that is as enlightening as it is exhilarating, this is the journey for you.